Which features are supported by FineCount?

Here you can find the features supported by FineCount text analysis software:

FineCount features and analyses documents in many different formats:

  • Exporting of the text enables you to obtain good statistics and export all the text from different files.
  • Metadata management of documents such as deleting unwanted metadata from batches of files in one go.
  • Site grabber – a web page text counting device allows you to analyse text on different pages and extract it from the web.
  • Support of Unicode in all formats.
  • Correct analysis of hiragana, katakana, hieroglyphs and other special alphabets with the exception of Chinese characters.
  • Text analysis from the clipboard.
  • File statistics allow thorough analysis of files including characters, spaces, words, lines, pages and repetitions.
  • Invoices and reports give you the possibility to generate analysis data and send it to your clients.
  • Batch file analysis included.
  • Access network files and analyse them in batches.